Prices do not include 10% service & 13% VAT

Avocado Fingers
5300 CRC
Avocado slices pan-fried in panko breadcrumbs. Served with a tex-mex dipping sauce. Your next addiction!

Sausage Bites
5500 CRC
Simmered in white wine, then seared to perfection & served with a creamy, spicy mustard dipping sauce.

Molly's Famous Smoked Salmon Spread
5400 CRC
Hardwood smoked salmon with cream cheese, dillweed, and other spices. Served cold with crackers. A fan favorite!

Ground Beef Tacos
5000 CRC
Two crispy ground beef tacos with all the toppings. Why wait until Tuesday for your taco fix... we have them available every day!!

Buffalo Chicken Dip
5300 CRC
Chopped chicken breast combined with a blend of creamy cheeses and flavorful hot sauce. Served with tortilla chips & assorted raw veggies

Classic Beef Sliders
9000 CRC
Three all beef sliders served up on soft Hawaiian rolls, with sliced cheese, ketchup, mustard, tomato & lettuce. Topped with a pickle.

Cheese & Cold Cuts Combo Boards
9900 CRC
Choose from meats only, cheeses only, or a combination of both meat & cheese. Served with crackers and/or warm bread. (1-2 people)

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